[lldp-devel] Question on is_valid_lldp_device function

Paddu Krishnan (padkrish) padkrish at cisco.com
Mon Nov 11 06:52:40 UTC 2013

I see that this function seems to return false for regular Linux bridges as well as OVS bridges created using 1.4 version.
I see that the called function 'is_bridge' checks for the presence of /sys/class/net/%s/bridge directory.

I am trying to understand the reason behind this.

I understand from our discussion earlier that there are interop issues in LLDP with virtual switches like OVS. But, if one is able to get around this in OVS, LLDPAD still may not receive the frames because of the above check due to which the interface may not get added (function 'add_port') does not get called.

Can someone please help me understand this behavior?

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