[lldp-devel] Question on current lldpad Draft and OVS

Paddu Krishnan (padkrish) padkrish at cisco.com
Fri Mar 15 18:11:20 UTC 2013

Thanks for the reply, Thomas.
No specific dates for this as such, but I need a readily available VDP
implementation on the host in order for me to proceed with other tasks.

I was earlier giving a buffer of couple of weeks for the integration,
assuming I will hit some inter-operability issues. Well, that was assuming
latest implementation on both ends.

I can probably implement the other filters that I need. Are there lots of
changes in the baseline ECP/VDP implementation or is it only more add-ons?

Just curious, is the MAC-Vid filter not in the current implementation? I
thought it was. 


On 3/15/13 12:44 AM, "Thomas-Mich Richter" <tmricht at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

>On 03/14/2013 11:44 PM, Paddu Krishnan (padkrish) wrote:
>> Thanks John.
>> Thomas,
>> Are you targeting for any specific dates?
>> Thanks,
>> KP
>Hi Paddu,
>yes, I have finished EVB and ECP protocols for IEEE802.1 Qbg ratified
>standard. I am now working on VDP protocol. First will be station/host
>role (with mac-vid filter). Other filters and bridge role will be
>implemented later.
>I have no specific date in mind. Just working along with other tasks
>in between.
>Do you have any specific schedules or dates in mind. Would be good
>to know any target deadlines.
>Hope this helps.
>> On 3/14/13 11:59 AM, "John Fastabend" <john.r.fastabend at intel.com>
>>> On 3/14/2013 11:26 AM, Paddu Krishnan (padkrish) wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I am a lldpad newbie trying to run LLDP/EVB at the host side and
>>>> integrate with the network (bridges running LLDP/EVB). I had some
>>>> questions regarding this:
>>>> 1) I saw from the website that the EVB implementation follows the D0
>>>> standard. The current implementation seems to be D2.2, is there
>>>> any work in progress to support the latest Draft? Atleast from VDP
>>>> perspective, there are more filters added. The current implementation
>>>> seems to have the MAC-VID filter.
>>> Yes, Thomas is working on adding this support.
>>>> 2) Was there any effort to integrate lldpad with OVS? I would guess
>>>> possible to install each independently and can be made to work. But, i
>>>> was wondering is there a single distribution that integrates both?
>>>> Simple use case would be to when creating a virtual interface in OVS
>>>> should trigger lldpad to announce its VDP capabilities to the upstream
>>>> switch.
>>> I've thought about getting lldpad to work with OVS but haven't got to
>>> it yet. The problem is if the netdevice is bound to OVS then packets
>>> will be consumed by the openvswitch module and not passed to the lldp
>>> packet handler. On the RX side you could add some functionality to
>>> OVS to pass the packet up the stack. On the TX side OVS is bypassed
>>> this might be OK though.
>>> Thanks,
>>> John
>The last time I ask about Qbg support in OpenVswitch I got the answers
>that this is not in plan. The current work around would be to configure
>OVS to route Qbg packets to an external switch to to this work.
>But this was some time last summer, it might of have changed.
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